How the Kanye West-led ‘Yeezy’ line is going to affect retailers and consumers in the coming years

How the Kanye West-led ‘Yeezy’ line is going to affect retailers and consumers in the coming years

The retail giant Yeezy is taking another big step towards its goal of becoming a $100 billion brand.

The luxury line has become an official partner with Spotify, making its own music streaming service and offering its own Spotify app, and now it’s offering a limited edition line of sneakers. 

The limited edition Kanye West Signature Collection sneakers were released on Thursday and will be sold exclusively at retailers like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and JCPenney, as well as online through the Spotify app. 

“The collaboration with Yeezus is exciting, but it’s only the beginning of the evolution of our relationship with Spotify,” Spotify VP of global product Dan Mihalich said in a statement.

“With YeeZus, we’re also working with Kanye to create a music-centric service that allows us to connect directly with artists, creators and fans through a seamless digital experience.

We’re excited to continue to leverage Spotify and Yeezeus’ unique relationship and help make music and lifestyle experiences more accessible to millions of fans.” 

The Kanye West signature collection sneakers will be available exclusively at select retailers and online through Spotify on Friday.

The collection will be limited to one pair and limited to 300 pairs in retail stores. 

A Yeezer spokesperson confirmed to USA Today that the Kanye line will be a limited run of sneakers with a one-year supply of sneakers, but did not give details on when the sneakers will arrive at retail locations. 

According to the spokesperson, the sneakers were created with a special collaboration with Spotify in mind, and the sneakers are designed to bring the brand to a wider audience. 

Last year, Spotify acquired Yeezee for $150 million.

In September, Spotify also announced it had partnered with JCPensney to stream music for Spotify-connected Spotify accounts, and Spotify said it is working with Apple Music and others to offer its own streaming service in partnership with Spotify. 

In addition to the Spotify-branded sneakers, the Kanye Signature Collection will also include sneakers from other retailers including Neiman Marcus, Zara, and Macy’s. 

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