How to Make a List for Your Next Christmas

How to Make a List for Your Next Christmas

The Slates are a weekly column where Slate writer Christos Katsanis and editor and publisher Andrew Cunningham tackle some of the hottest topics in culture, religion, technology, and business.

The article below discusses a list that I recently built up in a matter of weeks.

I called it a “Christmas List,” because it is a list of books I read that I feel are “for the holiday season.”

But as you will see, there are many other books that you can choose from and it can be a fun and fulfilling experience to read them all.

So, how to create a Christmas List?

A list of 100 books that I have read over the last year and a half is just not enough.

If you have read a book in a short period of time, and have found it to be of interest, I would recommend you to make the list of your books, and then keep a list in your phone of all the books you have not yet read.

This way, you can quickly check out the books that are missing or that you are not sure you have yet read them.

So let’s get started.

You can add a book from the list to your personal “Christmas Library.”

If you are using Amazon, you will be able to add books to your library as they become available, but if you are a member of Slate, you won’t have to do anything.

Just search for the book you want to add to your “Christmas library,” and then click on the “Add to Library” button.

The list will appear as a “New to Library!” button on the top of your screen.

Clicking on this button will bring up a list with all the new books you are adding to your book library.

You will then be able add these books to a personal library.

I have listed several of these books below.

But you can also browse through the list, add as many books as you want, and see which books are missing, or if you feel like a list should have more than 100 books, simply click on “Add Books” and then “Add More Books” from the top.

I am not saying that I am recommending every book in the list.

Some are classics, some are new to me, and some are just good.

Just remember that you need to read the books.

And the best part is that you will have a personal Christmas Library!

So, get started and create your “Closet of Christmas Books.”

Happy Holidays, and Happy Holi Fest!

—Christos Katsinis and Andrew Cunningham


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