How to save money on a hotel room, and make it work in 2018

How to save money on a hotel room, and make it work in 2018

How do you save money and make your vacation experience better?

This post has a few of the tips and tricks we have found to make it easier to do so. 1.

Set your own alarm time.

You’ll want to set a separate alarm to check in on your stay and make sure you get the night you want.


Set up a plan.

The first step is to set up your own schedule for checking in at the hotel.

Check-in time, how many rooms, and room sizes are all things you can control, and you can set them to your own personal preferences.


Schedule a day of rest.

In the morning you can take some time to relax and get your mind off the grind.

Set aside a day where you can just relax and read or go to a coffee shop.

If you need to sleep early, that’s fine, too.


Plan for the worst.

If your hotel doesn’t have any pre-booked rooms available for check-ins, you can make it your goal to avoid them as much as possible.

If they do have pre-capped rooms available, you want to make sure that you’re not booked in a room that’s too crowded.


Make it easier for yourself.

If the hotel is busy, it’s likely that they’ll have extra people at check-in.

If there are no pre-screened rooms, it could mean that you’ll need to check-out in person instead of just making a reservation.


Don’t feel bad about it.

You’re probably not going to save a ton of money on your vacation if you’ve already made a few mistakes along the way, but you’re going to feel better when you finally get to the airport.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of any special offers or discounts you may get while you’re at the airport and make adjustments as needed.


Be aware of where you’re staying.

If a hotel doesn`t offer reservations, you’re most likely not going get a room with them.

It’s a good idea to get some info about the hotel and how it works from a reputable source, such as the local news.


Stay on top of your room count.

If all else fails, check the reservation desk for room availability before you check-into.

If rooms are unavailable, you may have to reserve one of the available rooms.


Use a hotel app.

If not already on the hotel app, you should use it to check out your room availability and to schedule check-outs.


Avoid the hotel chain.

If possible, avoid booking hotel rooms with the chain at all costs.

They are known to have poor customer service and a history of booking rooms in advance to make the check-offs.


Avoid hotels with high taxes.

If booking your hotel online, be aware of how much taxes you’ll have to pay on your hotel stay.

If using an online booking service, be sure to check that your room is eligible for the tax-free credit that you may be eligible for.


Use your credit card to make a reservation or check-off.

You may have multiple credit cards with different transaction limits, so you may want to choose a card that offers you more flexibility.

If this is the case, check out the card you want, then make sure it matches your hotel’s credit card limits.


Don`t be afraid to ask questions.

If something doesn’t feel right about the booking process or hotel, just ask questions and make an effort to get to know the people who make your stay work.


Make a reservation to help you find a room.

If it’s a local hotel, it may be a good time to call ahead to ask about the availability of rooms, especially if it’s an off-peak period.

If in doubt, ask for the reservation first.


Ask for an advance check-over.

If checking in isn’t working out, you might want to ask the hotel to let you check out early to avoid having to pay for a full room and make up the difference on your room rate.


Make reservations online.

If staying at a hotel in the U.S.A., it may make sense to make reservations online, rather than booking your room on a reservation site.

If traveling internationally, you will want to contact your destination directly to make arrangements.


Get the best room.

Some hotels will offer you a room when you book your stay.

Other hotels will charge a premium for this privilege.

If choosing the hotel that offers this benefit, make sure the rates are reasonable, as you’ll be charged higher prices if you miss the reservation.


Be sure you check in.

If an online reservation is a good option, make a note of where the room is available and check- in there.


Make extra checks.

Many hotels have a desk that will help you get


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