How to talk to your daughter about race

How to talk to your daughter about race

A mother says she’s used to having to educate her daughters about race.

But when her daughter was in the fifth grade, she wanted to know more about the history of the KKK.

And she was told she wasn’t allowed to ask the Black Lives Matter movement a question about it.

Her daughter, Joann Marie Slaughter, says she has learned to listen to her daughter’s curiosity and be careful not to make a big deal about the issue.

She also said she wants her daughters to know that black lives matter.

In fact, she said, she wants them to know it’s okay to be angry, too.

She’s hoping to make an impact on this issue, she told MSNBC.

And for the past several years, Slaughter has been on the Black Leaders Alliance, a group that seeks to educate young people about the importance of racial equality and black culture.

She said she’s had some of her own personal battles.

When she was a teenager, Slaughter says she was repeatedly asked if she was African-American, when she didn’t identify as black.

And now, she says, she knows it’s not an excuse to not want to hear about Black Lives Matters.

But Slaughter is also worried about the effect it’s having on her daughter, who is learning to be a Black Lives matter activist.

She says her daughter is learning that the KKK, and racism, are not black issues, but are a problem for white people.

She also said her daughter wants to know what happened to her white classmates in her high school.

The Black Leaders Association also provides mentoring to young people, and it provides materials that teach kids about Black history and how to be responsible citizens.

In a statement, the Black leaders association said, “The Black leaders alliance is a network of young Black Americans from around the country.

They support young people in their quest to become Black leaders, and we welcome all our members to our network.”


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