Why is Sam Slater so good?

Why is Sam Slater so good?

Slater has been one of the most productive quarterbacks in the NFL for a number of years now, and his success with the Patriots and Seahawks has been a major reason why.

Now, he’ll have his first chance to prove himself in a playoff game, and he’s ready to prove that his numbers are trending up.

Slater will face the Carolina Panthers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Saturday, and the Patriots are hoping the return of a veteran like Tom Brady and the emergence of Brady’s backup, Jake Locker, will help Slater, and this offense.

The Panthers are not without the talented, but Slater and his fellow returnees are playing better.

The Patriots have lost a number to injuries, but it’s clear the offense has been in better shape than when the season started.

Slaters ability to make plays with his legs and his ability to run the ball and make plays in the pocket are huge.

He’s the kind of player that can take advantage of any opportunity he gets.

He’s not going to take away from anybody, and if we’re looking for a big play on Sunday, it’s going to be Sam Slaters.

The only thing I’m worried about is the return for Brady, who is playing better and has the confidence in his legs.

It’s going be tough to stop him in the second half.

The Panthers are going to have to be able to take advantage.

Slater was asked about his new surroundings on Friday.

“I’m a little more relaxed.

I’m getting into the groove of it,” he said.

“It’s been a little bit different for me.

I’ve got the opportunity to play quarterback and run the offense.

It was a little different for everybody.

I think I’ve been a better quarterback this year, too.

I feel a lot more comfortable.

I didn’t play well in the first half against New Orleans, but I’m a lot better.

I’m glad we had a good start because it shows a lot of confidence in me.

You’ve got to put the guys around you in that environment.

You can’t let them see that they can play well, too, but you can put the best guys around them in there.

That’s what we have.

We’ve got guys that know what we’re doing.

We’re not going back to where we were a year ago.”

It was a good game for us against Carolina, too.

“He said the Panthers were able to slow down the Patriots in the game and score touchdowns.”

It was good for us.

We were able, in general, to make some big plays, too,” Slater said.”

We just had to execute the offense the right way and get it done, too; that’s the biggest thing.

“It’s also a good test for the Patriots’ other players.

Slation and his teammates have had a great season.

But they have a long way to go to get back to the top of the AFC East.

They have the opportunity for a victory Saturday, but they’ll need to win out.


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